Official Game Time: 11/24/17 07:58:08 PM
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Username: Jesus_H_Christ Join Date: 2012-11-17Listens From: Omaha - Z92
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: Lazarus of Bethany
10Mel Brooks    
9Kirk Douglas    
8Billy Graham    
7Mary Tyler-Moore    
6Jimmy Carter    
5Jim Nabors    
4rose marie     
3Joe Jackson    
2Glen Campbell    
1James Bulger    
AltNone Selected
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: That still bothering you
10Kirk Douglas    
9OJ Simpson    
8Stephen Hawking    
7Ruth Westheimer    
6Jeremy Paxman    
5Shannen Doherty    
4Bill Cosby    
3Doyle Brunson    
2Don Shula    
1Jamie Dimon    
AltNone Selected
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: That still bothering you2
10Pope Francis    
9Lute Olsen    
8Tom Osborne    
7Jerry Lewis    
6Bart Starr    
5Charles Manson    
4Vin Skully     
3Jamie Farr    
2Pat Bowlen    
1Don Rickles    
AltNone Selected
Game: 2016 Jan-Dec / List: Lazarus of Bethany
10Zsa-Zsa Gabor    
9Kirk Douglas    
8Billy Graham    
7Jim Nabors    
6Bart Starr    
5Abe Vigoda    
4George-HW Bush    
3Hugh Hefner    
2Arnold Palmer    
1Valerie Harper    
AltMel Brooks    
Game: 2016 Jan-Dec / List: Straight to Hell
10Jerry Lewis    
9Don Shula    
8Jamie Farr    
7Glen Campbell    
6Bill Cosby    
5morgan freeman    
4Tommy Chong    
3Pat Bowlen    
2suge knight    
1Don Rickles    
AltTom Osborne    
Game: 2016 Jan-Dec / List: Old Farts
10Monty Hall    
9Nancy Reagan    
8rose marie     
7Betty White    
6Jimmy Carter    
5Dick VanDyke    
4Lute Olson    
3Charles Manson    
2Doyle Brunson    
1Joe Jackson    
AltRuth Westheimer    
Game: 2016 Jan-Dec / List: Old Farts2
10Zsa-Zsa Gabor    
9None Selected
8Doyle Brunson    
7None Selected
6None Selected
5None Selected
4None Selected
3None Selected
2None Selected
1None Selected
AltNone Selected
Latest News
Della Reese died on 11-20-2017 at the age of 86 and was picked by 16 players.
Earle Hyman died on 11-17-2017 at the age of 91 and was picked by ExplodingMexicans
Charles Manson died on 11-20-2017 at the age of 83 and was picked by 51 players
David Cassidy died on 11-19-2017 at the age of 67 and was picked by Ill_Booten_Gotty, UsetaWork4ALiving
Mel Tillis died on 11-19-2017 at the age of 85 and was picked by Fish_58th_Street, Ilike2lickydickandjane, lovethedawgs, NewsGuyCraig, PapaAllensHamWallet, Peteys_long_snapper, SlutBunwalla, Spongeknob_Squarenuts, Vic_Morrows_severed_head
Malcolm Young died on 11-18-2017 at the age of 64 and was picked by 57 players.
Ferdie Pacheco died on 11-16-2017 at the age of 90 and was picked by deathsdispatcher
Bobby Doerr died on 11-13-2017 at the age of 99 and was picked by 68 players.
Liz Smith died on 11-12-2017 at the age of 94 and was picked by 11 players.
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