Official Game Time: 09/25/17 08:31:23 AM
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Username: CarrieFisherKilledHerMomJoin Date: 2016-12-31Listens From: Omaha - Z92
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: CarrieFisherKilledHerMom
10Billy Graham    
9Kirk Douglas    
8George-HW Bush    
7Jimmy Snuka    
6Mary Tyler-Moore    
5Tommy Chong    
4Bart Starr    
3Tom Osborne    
2Clint Eastwood     
1little richard    
AltHugh Hefner    
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: Peteys Ex Wife
10Kirk Douglas    
9George-HW Bush    
8Jimmy Carter    
7Bill Cosby    
6OJ Simpson    
5Betty White    
4Stan Lee    
3Ed Asner    
2Lou Holtz    
1Barbara Bush    
AltStephen Hawking    
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: craigs throat
10OJ Simpson    
9Irwin Corey    
8David Rockefeller, Sr    
7Bill Cosby    
6Stephen Hawking    
5Brett Hart    
4June Foray    
3Chuck Berry    
2Lee Corso    
1Lamar Odom    
AltBetty White    
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bea wain died on 08-19-2017 at the age of 100 and was picked by 46 players.
Charles Bradley died on 09-25-2017 at the age of 68 and was picked by FurloughedVibrators, PalinsLavia
Liliane Bettencourt died on 09-22-2017 at the age of 95 and was picked by daycareherpes
Jake LaMotta died on 09-19-2017 at the age of 96 and was picked by 174 players.
Bobby Heenan died on 09-18-2017 at the age of 72 and was picked by 22 players.
Don Williams died on 09-18-2017 at the age of 78 and was picked by 0 players.
Harry-Dean Stanton died on 09-18-2017 at the age of 91 and was picked by 12 players.
Shelley Berman died on 09-02-2017 at the age of 92 and was picked by Firetwuck, ThickeHockeyHeartAttack
Richard Anderson died on 09-01-2017 at the age of 91 and was picked by DenverDonkeyFan
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